LED Blankout Sign
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M - SYSTEMS INC. has been designing and manufacturing LED signage and Traffic Control devices since 1981. Quality of the product is important to us. That is why New York City Department of Transportation still has Traffic Control devices in use that were manufactured almost 30 years ago. (Design life for most electronics is 10 years).

In 2001 M - SYSTEMS started developing LED signs for use by various D.O.T.'s . As LED's started increasing in light output we have been developing new uses for LED signs and warning strobes. Our RED Light LED Strobe has been an inovation that has completely replaced the Gas Tube type strobes. They last many years with virtually no maintenance.

In 2006 M-SYSTEMS started using Philips Luxeon Lighting Class LED's. These were the first hi-power LED's to come on the market. Outdoor lighting solutions must deftly combine light output, color, control, and reliability with lower operating costs, reduced energy consumption and a short payback period that enables transformation from conventional to LED based solutions.

LUXEON LEDs are environmentally friendly—lead-free and mercury-free—offer the best lumen maintenance of any power LED, and are available in color temperatures and efficiency configurations that make it simple to create a broad range of outdoor applications. LUXEON LEDs are enabling a new world of outdoor lighting.

One of our first projects was to develop a lighting solution for Maine's new Penobscot Narrows Bridge. The original design caused too much glare for drivers crossing the bridge. Our new design elegantly lit the side rails of the bridge and provided accent lighting for drivers.

Please look over our web site. We can custom design a solution for you.