LED Blankout Sign
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Enhanced LED Bridge Clearance Signs

Make your bridge height stand out. Flash the height using super bright LEDs' Flash 24 hours a day 7 days a week or use one of Trigg Industries overheight sensors to activate LED's on sign. All signs are made of extruded aluminum frames only 1.75" Deep, and feature Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting on front Polycarbonate face. Rear AlumaLite back material. Rear frames have captive T-Slot nuts that allow various mounting methods. Low power operation. Very light weight. Junction box on rear for electrical connection. Can be ordered for AC or Solar operation.

Albany, NY - LED Solar Signage

The roads around Albany, NY now have the latest Thin-Light LED Enhanced signs. A total of 10 signs will initially be installed. These signs include LED's in the face of the standard engineer grade reflective sign providing increased sight distance and visibility at night. NYS Department of Transportation has specified these signs with a Solar package which enables them to operate 24 hours a day on Flash without utility power. NYS Thruway Authority is also using these signs but with AC power.

Please call for more information.  

Enhanced LED Signs

R2-1, "SPEED LIMIT XX", Text, Engineer grade Black on reflective White, Speed outlined in White LED's, 24" x 30"

W11-2, "Person In Crosswalk", Symbol, Engineer grade, Yellow or Red LED outline, 36" x 36 " .

W3-3, "RED SIGNAL AHEAD" Text, Engineer grade Black on reflective Yellow, Text outlined in Red, Yellow or White LED's, 36" x 36"