LED Blankout Sign
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SignLITE Warning System

M-SYSTEMS INC. SignLite system can be installed on existing signs or can be ordered preinstalled on a new Diamond Grade (3M) sign.

- This can be installed on any standard MUTCD Regulatory or Warning sign.

- Eight Luxeon Rebel LED's are embedded in watertight epoxy.

- Frame is rigid aluminum with reinforced steel corners.

- Includes self drilling screws and 3M VHB tape for easy mounting to any aluminum sign.

- Also includes solar power system with Solar Panel, Enclosure, Battery and Electronics.

- Can be ordered for AC operation.

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Top Mount Linear Beacon

Our Newest Top Mount Linear Beacon has 12 Super Bright Luxeon LED's. By integrating the Beacon on the top of the sign you are drawing a drivers attention directly to the sign. Available in an Alternating (Left to Right) flash pattern or latest MUTCD Rapid Flash Pattern. Can be ordered for Solar or AC operation.  

FRAMELITE Signs are standard MUTCD Diamond Grade reflective signs that have an LED Border embedded in a rigid 1 inch frame that surrounds the sign. The frame is powdercoated Black. A T-Slot track on the rear of the frame is preloaded with 1/4-20 Stainless Nuts for various mounting options. Pole Mount strapping brackets can also be provided and premounted. Select from either eight (8) Luxeon Hi-Power LED's with 120 deg viewing angle or full perimeter CREE Hi-Brightness LED's with 30 deg viewing angle.


Full perimeter LED signs. LED's are sealed in a rigid 1" thick architectural aluminum frame. Aluminum frame makes sign very rigid. Sign is provided with pole bracket mount on back for strapping to a pole. Junction box on rear for easy connection also includes strobe / flash power supply with 8 selectable flash patterns. Can be specified for AC or DC (Solar) operation.

M - SYSTEMS INC. FrameLITE signs are standard printed MUTCD signs on aluminum sheet. Signs use 3M diamond grade reflective material. All signs are held in a rigid extruded aluminum frame with LED's embedded in the front face and sealed against the elements. Signs include a Flasher / Strobe control that allows a selection of seven preset flash patterns. FrameLITE signs may be ordered for either DC (Solar) or AC operation.

M-Systems Inc. provides a wide variety of options such as 24/7, time clock, motion sensor or pushbutton operation. If ordering solar operation we provide the enclosure, electronics, battery and solar panel required.

FrameLITE, W2-1, Intersection ahead symbol

(Available 30 or 36 inch)

Specification W2-1

FrameLITE, W3-3, Signal Ahead

(Available 30 or 36 inch, with or without text (symbol only))

Specifications W3-3

Available 30 or 36 inch.

Specifications click here.

FrameLITE, R1-1, STOP sign

(Available 30 or 36 inch)

Specifications click here

FrameLITE, R2-1, Speed Limit "XX" sign

Choose 8 Luxeon or Full Frame Cree LED's.

(Available 24x30 or 36x48 inch)

Specification R2-1

FrameLITE, R10-11, "NO TURN ON RED" sign

(Available 24x30 inch)

Specification R10-11

FrameLITE, R15-1, Railroad Crossing

(Available 36 inch)

Specifications R15-1